Friday, July 5, 2013

Top Ten Reasons for Quality Physical Education

In 2006, JOPERD (Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance) published an article titled "Top 10 Reasons for Quality Physical Education".  The purpose of the article was to document the need for quality physical education given the current trends of obesity and physical inactivity among youths and adults.
Reason 1: Regular Physical Activity Helps Prevent Disease

Reason 2: Regular Physical Activity Promotes Lifetime Wellness

Reason 3: Quality Physical Education Can Help Fight Obesity

Reason 4: Quality Physical Education Can Help Promote Lifelong Physical Fitness

Reason 5: Quality Physical Education Provides Unique Opportunities for Activity

Reason 6: Quality Physical Education Teaches Self-Management and Motor Skills 

Reason 7: Physical Activity and Physical Education Promote Learning

Reason 8: Regular Physical Activity Participation Makes Economic Sense 

Reason 9: Physical Education Is Widely Endorsed

Reason 10: Quality Physical Education Helps to Educate the Total Child

Masurier, G. L., & Corbin, C. B. (2006). Top 10 Reasons for Quality Physical Education. JOPERD, 77(6), 45-49. Retrieved July 5, 2013, from


  1. Casey, it is always a good habit to annotate your list and link entries. Not necessarily lengthy annotations, but a phrase or a sentence often helps the reader get a deeper understanding.

  2. Casey,
    Thanks for this list! I love to incorporate physical activity in my classroom. One example is that everyday we have a "dance off". Some days it will happen around the same time, other days it will be at random and it's only for a minute. But I believe it's critical that students get up and move around. And the students love it! I am so thankful for PE teachers and education :)